Water Conservation Tips for Spring

As springtime brings more sun back to the valley, it is important to be mindful of our water use during warmer weather. Experts estimate that roughly 50% of our water that is used outdoors is wasted through evaporation or runoff that is caused by overwatering. Being mindful of the amount of water we use can not only help prevent water shortages during drought season, but it can also help reduce the cost of your water bill.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your water usage down during the warmer months.
  1. Do not over-water plants and lawns.
    Avoid water runoff into streets and gutters.
  2. For best results, try morning watering.
    Evaporation loss is at a minimum.
  3. Avoid washing down paved areas.
    Sweep driveway and sidewalks instead.
  4. When washing the car...
    Use a bucket of water. Use the hose only to rinse.
  5. Invest in drought-tolerant landscaping. It requires less watering to keep your landscape healthy.
  6. Use a drip irrigation system. This reduces run-off and promotes deep rooting.
  7. Preserve existing trees. Established plants are often adapted to low water conditions. Porous paving materials such as brick, decomposed granite, or gravel used in patios and walk-ways help keep water in the garden rather than in the gutter.
  8. Set automatic timing devices. This allows efficient watering on a schedule suited to each area of the landscape.

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